The LiftMaster 4000 is a versatile product that can be used to lift or lower a variety of parts into position for maintenance and other needs.

The LiftMaster 4000 has a low-profile and compact design to fit into tight spaces.  Swivel front/rear and locking rear casters provide even greater maneuverability.  Pump the handle to raise the table and simply pull the lever at the handle to activate gravity lowering.

The LiftMaster 4000 can be equipped with an optional lift attachment which can be utilized to lift various items such as crank guards, belly pans and engine covers into place.  Optional bellows are available for aded safety.


  • Model:  LV4000
  • Load Capacity Lowered:(8.5” to 12.5”)…..2,600lbs
  • Load Capacity Raised:  (12.5” to 27”)…..4,000lbs
  • Weight…..350lbs
  • Height (Stowed)…..8.5”
  • Height (Max)…..24”
  • Width…..24”
  • Length (Handle Raised)…..55”
  • Wheel Diameter/Width…..6”/2 1/2”