The Lombardi Lift™ is a replacement for current aerial work platforms that maintains existing functionality while providing unique new capabilities that allow greater accessibility and create a safer work environment.

The many and varied applications of this innovative aerial work platform and its ease of configuration are certain to provide new business and higher profits offering the product.

Many of the features of a conventional aerial lift are incorporated in the Lombardi Lift.  A rotating basket, lanyard attaching points, top rail, mid-rail, gate and kickplate. It is designed to meet or exceed the structural requirements of ANSI A92.2, 92.5 and 92.6, Truck mounted, self-propelled boom and scissor lift respectively.  The corresponding standards for Canada are CSA 225, 354.1 and 354.2.

A ladder for ingress and egress is provided for easy access to the platform.  The Lombardi Lift also comes with an operators manual and all of the safety decals, warnings and instructions per the same ANSI and CSA standards. Every application is reviewed and approved by a Professional Engineer. Diversified Products is an engineering and manufacturing company with extensive experience with aerial lifts and handles the engineering, manufacturing and sales for the Lombardi Lift.

The Lombardi Lift is a unique platform to improve safety and accessibility when working on elevated projects. It combines the maneuverability of an aerial lift or telehandler and the adjustability of scaffolding. Many times a worker can access one side of a structure at a time. With the Lombardi Lift you can extend the platform around your work.  When welding or assembling in the air with a conventional aerial lift you can rotate your man basket to access another side of the structure by rotating plus or minus 90°. With the Lombardi Lift you may not have to continually move the platform.

The Lombardi Lift has an adjustable area at the center of the platform for a steel column, sign support or other part of a structure. The center area can also be closed.

Diversified is in the process of manufacturing a Lombardi Platform to be installed on a JLG. The rated capacity is 500 lbs.