Our crane man baskets are designed for accessing high-reach maintenance areas and offer quick attachments to boom trucks, service cranes, knuckleboom cranes and digger derricks.  All provide a convenient, safe alternative to renting aerial lifts, using ladders or climbing on equipment. 

LiftWise Rotating Man Basket

Rotating Man Basket

LiftWise Yoke Man Basket

Yoke Man Basket

LiftWise Test Weights

Test Weights

LiftWise Single Man Folding Basket

Single Man Folding Basket

LiftWise Single Man Basket

Single Man Basket

LiftWise Custom Man Basket

Custom Man Basket

LiftWise Lombardi Aerial Lift

Lombardi Aerial Lift

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Boom Tip Form (Boom Truck)

Boom Tip Form (Knuckle Boom)