Drill Rig Carts


The LiftWise Drill Rig Carts (DE & NDE) are designed to transport drilling rigs down the factory assembly line, one station at a time, from Station 0 through Station 10. The Drill Rig Carts automatically follows a strip of reflective tape located on the floor in the center of the assembly area and can position the rig at 3 different heights.


  • DE Cart Load Capacity…..83,000 lb.
  • NDE Cart Load Capacity…..65,000 lb.
  • DE Cart Weight…..9,200 lb.
  • NDE Cart Weight…..3,916 lb.
  • DE Cart Overall Width…..78.13’’
  • DE Cart Width (btwn the rig’s tracks)…..73.00”
  • DE Cart Stowed Height at Lift Points…..20.69”
  • DE Cart Overall Length…..118.19”